Shotcut Canvas(video Window) shrunk trimming all my videos

I desperately need help. After working for hours with near 20 clips , I don’t know what happened but I saw all my videos are shrunk by near 25% in the monitor. It’s as if all the video has been cropped from all direction. I tried changing the video modes (which is always set at automatic) to see if something works but no effect. What might have gone wrong causing this issue. I have uploaded the original view and the mess up view you cannot even see the spoon in the right. BTW, I don’t have crop or resize filter either for the specific clip though I have some resize filter in some other clips. I also rendered the complete video but still got the trimmed render.

This is teh messed up view

Like so many other threads you could have read recently, you put a filter on the timeline Master output. Click the funnel icon next to Master and look in the Filters panel. Next time look at the top of the Filters panel to see the name of what is selected before adding.

You have a filter applied to the “MASTER” track (see the littlt funnel next to the word “Master” at the top of the timeline.

Unless you meant to do this, remove it.

Could you please elaborate further , I am not getting you. What you suspect has caused the issue ?

Thank you so much Dude, You just saved my day. I am such a stupid

You’re not stupid, you just made a mistake. Dan is making a change in the next version of Shotcut to make it less likely for this to happen by mistake.

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