Shotcut cant time lapse certain parts in a video!?!

I believe this is a bug and im very annoyed at it since i cannot time lapse in shotcut without ending up with the entire video being a time lapse so what i did as i thought i had to split clips and select that portion of the video and then change the speed i did that and what happened was my entire video was gone it had turned green in the time line and no longer existed only the selected part remained i was able to repeat this process many times im not sure what im suppose to do

If you slow down a clip by decreasing its speed in Properties you must first drag the clips to the right of it further right to make space for the extra time that clip will take to run. Otherwise it will overwrite them. When dragging make sure the “Ripple Trim and Drop” icon is selected, so they will all drag in tandem.

If you speed up a clip, the opposite will happen. Blank space will appear between that clip and the one on its right. This can be removed by right-clicking in the blank space and selecting “Remove”.

What process? This bug is invalid because you are not using sentences making it difficult to read and understand. You did not state your version and operating system. You write “time lapse” without explaining what that is (there are multiple interpretations) and nothing in Shotcut named that. Also, you did not provide exact steps (“process”) such that a developer is able to reproduce it.

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