Shotcut cant run on Windows 10

Hello, I am trying to edit a video and I opened shotcut and it says “shotcut.exe has stopped working” and “a problem caused the program to stop working” on windows 10, I need to edit the video as soon as possible, how to fix ?

We need to know a lot more about your system than just that.
32 or 64 bit windows
Are you using gpu effects
What gpu do you have
What cpu do you have
How much memory do you have
What version of shotcut are you trying to use.
And on a tangential note shotcut works just fine on windows 10 as part of my production workflow.

64 Bit, not sure what gpu effect mean, intel inside core I7, 8Gigs of RAM, i dont know the version

It worked before, I exported a video and came back after shitting on the toilet and shotcut.exe stopped working

There has been so many i7’s made. Not a bug.
Shotcut 18.10.08 works great for me. I’ve got an i7 and Windows 10 as well.

My 32 bit windows 10 is OK…

If it failed on export it could easily be a hardware problem. I would try again and watch your cpu temperature during.

The subject is very misleading because you made it sound like it always crashes at startup, but that is not the case. You said “It worked before…” In that case, nearly all software can crash, and it is not enough to say it crashed. In order to do anything about it, we need more information. From the sound of it, the export job crashed or the shotcut app crashed while exporting. Please clarify that and provide more information such as your export settings.

Something in your system/computer should happened, it’s not Shotcut’s fail. I can use it also on 32 and on a 64 bit Win10 without such problem since november/december 2017…