Shotcut automatically changes colour of video when imported

Hey there!
When I import any video into shotcut it automatically changes its colour despite no effects being added. So if I import a video with red lava in it, the lava will show up as blue in shotcut.

Here’s an example:

This how a video would look before importing into shotcut (in this case it’s a screenshot of the video).

This is how it looks after it is imported into shotcut.

The problem is only present in shotcut itself (in the video preview screen), after exporting the video from shotcut it is okay.

I’m running the latest version of shotcut (24.01.28). I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling shotcut, I’ve tried resetting all settings to default, and lowering the preview scaling.

I was wondering, what could be the cause of the problem and how would I go about getting rid of it?

If you are using a Mac it is too old for this version

Hi! That was indeed the problem. I tried using an older version and it works just fine now. Thank you very much!

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