Shotcut 23.09.29 silent install

Hello everyone,

I recently wanted to install the 23.09.29 version of Shotcut silently by using the /S install argument. But, when I am trying to do so, I am getting a prompt asking me to select the install mode (all users or this user only). I have tried to bypass this with the ALLUSERS=1 argument, but it didn’t work.

What argument should I be using to bypass this prompt?

Check the below image:

It is Inno Setup so /CURRENTUSER or /ALLUSERS with no option argument

Thanks! This worked.

But this time, I am getting the prompt with the license agreement.


What argument should I be using here?

Read the link. /S is not an option.

/S worked before 23.09.29 just fine.

Anyways. I have tried with /VERYSILENT argument and it did work.

Thank you for assistance.

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