Shotcut 23.05.14 - Moving the Keyframes panel & Adding a Keyframe - Crashes

Windows 11 | Shotcut 23.05.14

When I move the Keyframes pane from the the bottom-left panel to the bottom-right, so I can see the timeline and the keyframes at the same time, and try to add a (second) keyframe, it crashes. The bug was happening on 23.05.07 originally and seems to be on 23.05.14, too.

My get-around was to leave Keyframes in the bottom-left panel.

I did not recreate this after trying a couple of times. Maybe there is another factor that is required. Would you be willing to share a screenshot of Shotcut immediately before it crashes? According to your steps, I think you would move the panel, take a screenshot, and then add a keyframe to cause the crash.

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Even better than a screenshot, Brian, a little video.

Once the Keyframes pane was moved to the right the moment I tried to move the playhead it crashed.

Sorry to hear that. I was not able to reproduce it on Windows 11, macOS, or Linux.

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Thank you for sharing the video. I was hoping that it would reveal and extra step to help me recreate the problem. I tried to match as many settings and filters as possible. But I still can not recreate it. Hopefully someone else will see this report and find a way to recreate the problem that will also break for a developer.

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The important thing is it’s not happening to others, and one can get around this.