Shotcut 22.x not detecting NVidia 1030 card

Semi-newb with Shotcut, but the issue I’m having seems pretty basic: I have 5 different computers I run Shotcut on: 3 Win 10, 2 GNU/Linux. In 4/5 machines I have NVidia graphics – in one of the Win10 boxes, Radeon.

What I’m stumped by is that for one of the Win10 machines, with a GT NVidia 1030 card, Shotcut absolutely refuses to let me use a hardware encoder. I click the ‘config’ button, and Shotcut reports it can’t find any hardware it can use. Which surprises the heck out of me, since it finds the cards in all my other machines, and…since the 1030 card is pretty common.

Any ideas/suggestions/points to the obvious?

Thanks in advance

The GeForce 1030 video card is based on the GP108 chip, which has a disabled nvenc module, due to which hardware acceleration is not available on this video card.

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That seems odd, since ShotCut picks up hardware on both 730 and 720 cards, but not on 1030 which is a newer (and much faster) card than either the 730 or 720 cards.

Ah well…

As you can see from this table, the GP108 is a very stripped-down chip.

Got it – thanks. Seems like NVidia did a feature skip between 7xx and 1050 series.

I’ve always thought that artificially blocking technologies like nvenc in low-end chips is crazy. This greatly limits the scenarios for buying such cards. Today, any graphics integrated into the processor has a hardware encoder, but nvidia decided differently.

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