Shotcut 22.12.21 very slow with windows 11

Windows 11 Home 22H2 64 bit

Shotcut 22.12.21 64 bit

Shotcut very slow and with very long response times. Timeline very slow especially if with a lot of zoom. If I decrease the zoom the problem is reduced but in this way it is impossible to do some operations. The project starts fast and slows down as I add short chunks of video. Even with a few clips but no filter. I import clips recorded with a Samsung A12 (Variable frame rate; could this be the problem?). This hasn’t always happened to me but perhaps since I’ve been editing videos recorded with this cell phone (but even with the previous cell phone the videos had a variable frame rate and I had no problems).
I tried using proxies but the problem maybe got worse.
With version 23.05.07 I no longer have these problems (although there are others, due to the known bugs they are solving, but the work becomes possible and fast).
I attach screenshot with properties of a video recorded with A12.
I’m just guessing but haven’t found the real problem. Too bad because the 22.12.21 version was very nice and stable.

Fixed. Why did you bother reporting this? We can’t fix an old version.

Of course variable frame rate is a problem. Shotcut shows a warning dialog when it detects it, but you may have told it to stop warning you a while ago.

You are absolutely right.
I reported this because I believe that many are still using the 22.12.21 version (which at the moment I would like to be able to do too) and I would like to be sure of what is causing the problem.
Maybe I could try to create a project with all videos converted with fixed frame rate. In the new version 23.05.07 even if I don’t convert fixed frame rate videos I don’t have any slowdown problem.
Is it always recommended to do this conversion even if it doesn’t seem to cause any apparent problems?
If the report is outdated, it seems fair to me that it should be considered resolved, even if it really isn’t.
Thanks for your invaluable contribution!!