Shotcut 21.06.29 crashed

In the playlist were 2 video clips, made some small editing, the first was in the jobs list, in progress, the second finished the editing and exported it, it waited until the first will be done.
Dragged a third video to the playlist, cleared the timeline and dragged the third video to the timeline.
Cut a small portion in the middle of it, made about 1 second overlap and sent it to export.
Dragged another clip to the playlist, and started clearing the timeline to make place for that clip.
In the timeline selected one part of the clip and removed it, so did to the other part. In the timeline remained the overlap part, selected it and clicked to remove it.
A small blue circle started rotating for a second or two and program crashed.
What went wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated.

It could be a shortage of memory. What are your system’s specs. What were the properties of the files being exported? What does the logfile say?

Thanks for the answer.
Here ismy System spec:
CPU INTEL CORE i5 7400 3.8GHz
Video clips:
4 mp4 short clips, about 8 to 12 minutes each
1200 kb/s, 1920 x 1080, 30 FPS
Log file was overwritten because later I edited some movie…
If this happens again (sometime), what / where to look in the log file ?

Regarding the log - there can sometimes be an error provided towards the end of the logfile.

The FAQ states that the minimum configurations for RAM is at least 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K.

Since your system is at the minimum 8GB and you are working with HD I would be wary of exporting a video while concurrently working on another project in Shotcut, both of which can be memory hogs depending mainly on what filters are being used.

If you are running under Windows, you can start Windows’ task manager (CTRL ALT DEL) and check to see how much memory is used when working in this way. Anything over 90% is likely to be a problem, especially if Windows’ pagefile is on the same disk as the video clips and export file.


Thanks for the detailed answer.
I would like to add some notes.
Page file was moved to another disk long ago.
And by the way, no filters were used.
Just one question, why did it happen when trying to remove only an overlap section, not a plain section ?
Thanks again for the detailed explanation.

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