Shotcut 20.04.12

I haven’t been recording or editing for a while, I just lit Shotcut up and noticed there’s an update from my 19.02.28 to version 20.04.12.

Not being well versed with the program, (basic edit and render) I haven’t used it for more than a few games and not for at least 6 months. I say that for what I used it for, (video games) it did well and I had no issues with 19.02.28.

Does 20.04.12 make a bunch of changes that alters the options, (all the familiar editing buttons and where they are)? Has the workspace been changed so that I’m going to be lost and have to learn Shotcut all over again?

Please and thankyou for any and all

You should always try to update to the new version because aside from new features there are also many bug fixes that are made. Also, considering the version you are using is more than a year old, I would highly recommend you update as tons of new things and fixes have been made in the last year.

If I were to sit and write all of the improvements that have been made since Febuary of 2019 I would be here all day. :smile: So, just click on where it says News here on the top page and it will take you to the part of the website that lists the notes for every update that has been posted.

Keep in mind as well that there is a new version due for release towards the end of this month.

Little bits here and there but nothing major. You should scan through the articles in the News link at the top of this page when you scroll all of the way up to learn more.

Thanks for replying guys, I did look at the news section and there’s tons of additions and fixes, most of which I never used and at least for the type of work I do probably never will.

Lastly, will I be able to revert to my current 19.02.28 version if I can’t handle/deal/figure out the 20.04.12 changes?

Thankx again

Even if the features don’t interest you the bug fixes should as sooner or later you may run into problems that ended up being fixed in a later version. Also, the Preview Scaling feature is of much interest as playback may slow down when adding filters and that can help reduce lag.


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