Shotcut 19.08.16

Just started using Shotcut new version 19.08.16. I have noticed when I drag a video clip into the playlist, the movie in the player is still (not playing) until pressing the ‘play’ arrow. Video type mp4, 1280 x 720, 25 fps.
In the previous version (19.07.15) as I dragged a clip into the play list, it started playing in the player.
Is it normal with the new version or a bug.
And another thing: Opened a full movie (mp4, 1280 x 720, 25 fps) into playlist, dragged it to the timeline, marked a two minutes section, pressed copy, pressed the plus sign under the playlist to copy that part, removed the whole movie from the timeline, dragged the 2 minutes section to the timeline - program crashed immediately.
OS win 10 pro 1803 64bit
Answers will be appreciated.

This change is intentional. Drag into the player area if you want to audition clips (play automatically) before adding to playlist or timeline.

I repeated your steps, but I did not reproduce it. Can you reproduce it by following your steps? I tried it a few times. “marked a two minutes section” is ambiguous as Shotcut does not have a way to mark a section of time. I used split. “removed the whole movie from the timeline” is ambiguous remove all clips or remove track?

Leader is right.
Try 1280 X 1080 by 24
The program recommends importing how your original files were made . they should not crash then . when you export them then is the time to change your frame rate.
Pensioner Pete

There is nothing in his post about changing frame rate.

Hello Dan,
Thanks for the answer.
Sorry, my fault, I should be more specific. Opened the movie in the playlist, dragged it into the timeline, at starting of a certain scene, clicked on ‘split’ at the position of the play head, moved to the end of the scene, clicked again on ‘split’. Highlighted this section and selected ‘copy’, clicked on the plus sign to bring this section to the playlist. (Duration scene about 2 minutes)
Now I made one try: removed the track, dragged the copied section from the playlist to the timeline - program crashed.
Next try:made all the above again, this time only removed everything from the timeline, dragged the copied section into the timeline, program remained working.
Seems to me I was wrong or should it work in both methods.
Thanks again for the answer.

It should work in both cases. Does your project have more than one track?

Didn’t crash on me.

Steps used:

  1. Opened MP4 file in Source
  2. Dragged to timeline
  3. Split #1, Split #2, between Split 1 & 2, right click - Copy
  4. Playlist +
  5. Delete whole video track.
  6. Drag playlist item to timeline, thus making a new video track.

No Crash.

Why not just select the clip you want from the source?
It’s quicker.
Just drag the sliders where you want them.
If you want to get frame specific, just click where the numbers are and use your scroll wheel.
When done, just hit the + sign in the Playlist panel.

The following modes does not work well together in size and position filter

  1. drag by mouse
  2. key in position size value manually

the values always reset themselves when you use mode 1 as the second step after mode 2

You could try to repeat both modes aternatively to see what I meant

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