Shotcut 18.08 not working properly in Ubuntu 18.04

Shotcut 18.08 not working properly in Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome. It opens quite normally, but I could not change the size of the window. It was too large. Also I could not change the order of inner windows (I don’t know how you call them). I liked to make my own setup, in fact I made some different setups depending of my work. The version 18.06 worked well. Where can I download it?

You can find all of the versions here:
This link is listed on the downloads page near the bottom.

Note: In Windows you can install multiple versions by changing the name of the directory it’s installed in. Not sure how to accomplish this in Linux though. This way you can keep the stable version you like at all times.

I use Ubuntu 18.04 just fine. Nothing changed between versions 18.06 and 18.08 that would have caused this unless perhaps you are using the Snap or Flatpak.

Same issue here, I use flatpack, snap, and also AppImage but none of them solve the resize issues. It even crashes several times when I click some random button and also can’t enter fullscreen properly :cry:

i had a similar issue. i had to mess with :