Shotcut 18.03.02 Color Grading filter bug

The reset button on the Shadows (Lift) color wheel does not work. When the mouse is used to pick the value.

When you adjust the percentage values with mouse roll or input the number, the picker on the color wheel goes off the wheel. But the reset button works.

The reset button for Midtones and Highlights works.

Oops! I’ll try to have a look at it this weekend.

Submitted fixes here:

Should be in the next release.

Is the filter available for download now?


You could download the file for the default fix:

But the cursor outside of the circle problem requires a change to the core Shotcut code.

I did that and tested it. The reset button works fine now.

The cursor still goes outside the circle only in the Shadows color wheel.

Thanks for testing. The cursor goes outside the circle on all wheels when the luma bar is at zero (black). You just see it on the shadows wheel because it defaults to zero luma. That, unfortunately required a fix in C code so you can’t just download a file to test it.

You’re welcome. No problem.