Shot cut is very polished .... but

I have noted that there is an issue with Shot cut and videos recorded with VFR ( Variable Frame Rate ) and have read many posts from people saying that they have issues with audio going out of sync.

Now this one suggestion is for the authors as a possible way to get around this issue.

Create a fixed rate timeline within shotcut and decode the VFR input into it, if there is a location within shot cut that no video is found for a particular frame because VFR has taken care of it render the previous frame with a tag attached saying do not copy to output ( no audio would be attached to this frame obviously and it would just be filler )
This should keep the frames in sync for the audio, the only difference being that when the video is being written at the end of the process any tagged frames would not be included in the output.

I have done some programming but I am no expert by any means I just thought I’d throw this idea out there as a possible albeit kludgy way of getting around the audio sync issue as apart from this you have an extremely polished product, one by which I was quite impressed - if this is not the solution - hopefully it might spark something that is.

Best of luck and I hope you manage to solve it.

VFR will not be supported directly any time soon if ever! This is already addressed by detection and conversion. See the release note for v17.12.

Thanks for the response I recently tried out Sony Vegas 15 and was comparing to Shot cut, I actually prefer shot cut for what I am doing and have started using it, while I understand Vegas is for broadcast work the thing that tipped the scales for me was that Shot Cut didn’t interfere with the colour palette in the way that Vegas does in order to keep things “broadcast legal”.

I do have a couple of other queries…

  1. Is there a list anywhere for all the available options in the Other tab for when I export x264?
  2. I know that you have multiple stream support for input on the project and that a particular stream can be selected for editing and that this can then be encoded in the output by using the default which is stereo or options other channels=6 for 5.1 but can I output a stream attached to the video with a 5.1 Channel selection and a separate stream with a Stereo one?

Thanks in advance … and thanks to the developers for their great work.

Not really related, but VEGAS is owned by MAGIX of Germany who acquired it from SONY a couple years ago.

Yes I had figured out that someone had brought or licensed something from somebody when I was hunting for editors and had downloaded trials for all software only to find that these two were nearly identical.

Yes, but only in a limited fashion: if you have 8 (6 + 2) channels ion the source, and all output streams must be encoded with the same. See this documentation on the channels. options. Then, you can add to Other tab in Shotcut:
channels = 8

However, this is probably not what you want as you probably do not have source with 8 channels. However, if you have source with a 6 channel audio stream and a 2 channel audio stream, then you can set the audio track in Properties to All and do the above.

Thanks - that is exactly what I wanted to know.