Shot cut audio out of sync on new computer


I have been using shotcut and i just got a new computer to help make my editing run faster, an HP omen.

I went to start editing today and all my video files are out of sync with the audio and the audio is crackling. files play fine in a regular video player and files play fine on my old computer in shotcut.

All settings are the same on both computers in shotcut. ive even tried deleting shotcut and reinstalling, and both are running same version of shotcut. ive tried opening multiple file types, different files. all the same issue

any help would be much appreciated

The configuration of Shotcut may be the same, but what is not the same is the environment.
The new computer will have different features than the old computer.
Although it may seem obvious it would be convenient to have more information so that someone can help you more accurately.

Hi, here’s what I would do:

Run windows update manually and check that you have the latest graphics card driver and directx installed.

Windows update will probably take hours to update everything.

Once that is done, restart your computer.

If then you still have issues, tell us the system specs of the old and new computer, in particular graphics card should be interesting.

well shit, downloaded direct x and problem solved!

Thank you so very much!

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