Shortfilm made with shotcut

Me and a friend made a shortfilm with shotcut. It’s in german but there are English subtitles and what’s being said is not super important either. Would love to hear what you think :wink:

Tbh at the end shotcut was kinda at its limit, but it was still amazing to have this free program that works on linux too!

Animation and Effects were done in krita and blender.

Thanks so much to all the shotcut devs!


Fantastic job!

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Yes, I agree. Fantastic job.
There is only one video on your channel. Is this your first movie? If it is, it’s even more impressive.
Love all the cool props you created. The animated scenes inserted here and there are also quite nice.

I won’t say it’s all perfect, but it was certainly not boring to watch. I enjoyed it.
Thank you for sharing it with us.


Thank you both! I’m glad you like it. I agree there is lots to be desired but there is a limit to what two people can achieve in their free time :wink:

This is not the first film I’ve made but I’m unable to upload others for various reasons. So this was the first public one on the channel!

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Great movie! Fantastic work! Well done!

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Bravo :slight_smile: vraiment captivant :slight_smile: beaucoup de travail bien-sur …
mais vous avez utilisé Krita pour l’animation 2D ?

Well done :slight_smile: really captivating :slight_smile: lots of work of course …
but you used Krita for 2D animation ?

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Yes, my friend did the 2D animation in krita. The robot in the end is modeled and animated in blender (by both of us). In the very last sequence a few particle systems have been rendered out from godot.
I recorded the audio in Audacity.

Everything has been put together in shotcut ;).


looking good

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Unique artistic style! Good job!

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