Shortcut want upload my videos from my Gopro 7 silver or black

I shot some video this weekend with my GoPro 7 silver and seven black when I tried to edit it with the shotcut editing app it said my files were not supported. I am a novice when it comes to using the GoPro and the shot cut and don’t understand why it won’t accept the video from either one of my GoPro devices. Can anyone please help me in layman’s terms to resolve this issue. Thank you,

No, they are supported. It warned you that they are variable frame rate and you might want to convert them. Click cancel and use it anyways. Most cheap cameras (Hero 7 Silver, not Black), smart phones, and screen recording software capture in variable frame rate: for example, approximately 30 frames per second but not consistently. Variable is generally problematic for video editors, but mostly when it is very inconsistent. The hero 7 silver is rather consistent if not perfect. Shotcut doess not determine how much and try to make a decision; it just warns you if it is.

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