Shortcut on Raspi3

is it possible to install Shortcut on Raspi3?

in theory, maybe? with some work ubuntu will run on an Rpi assuming any of shotcuts required packages run on an ARM based system it might work but it’s certainly not going to be fast. Why are you trying to load it on an rpi anyway there’s plenty of sub200 dollar pc’s available.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B, but have not really played with it. I briefly use it when I built the PC that I have now. With the heatsink from Cana it got extremely hot while just playing YouTube. I wouldn’t try it if your RPi isn’t water cooled.

On YouTube look for “Explaining Computers”. He’s done several videos on testing video with RPi including water cooling.

On a side note, this is probably the smallest system I’d try using shotcut on

And yes I have one(the 8gb model) I use regularly(not for shotcut though) I reviewed it here in depth

Ooh I love a bit of “Explaining Computers”!

Makes for a good night of nerding out - A portion of “Explaining Computers” with a side order of “LGR” and a dish of “Larry Bundy Jr (Guru Larry)” gaming nostalgia for dessert.


No. Shotcut does not support hardware-accelerated decoding of video, and there is limited support for hardware-accelerated video encoding (AMD and NVIDIA GPUs primarily). Thus, it is heavily dependent upon x86(-64) CPU instruction set for work. Basically, it would be very slow and suck on Raspberry Pi without very major work (and who will do that?). Basically, while the Pi is good for media playback and some limited transcoding, it is not good for editing at this time (except lossless style editing as seen in VidCutter).

Thanks for that. Sounds like you need a good assembly-level ARM coder to do a translate and ARM optimise from the x86 source :wink:
Would have been up my street a few years ago, but am now too buried in everything fractal related :slight_smile:
Was asking coz I want to encourage anything RPi related, they’re awesome - if only I’d been born about 44 years later than I was (i.e. in 2006) !!!

Since the Pi 3 can do 3D fractals pretty damn quick (Mandelbulber) I should think natively optimised code would be fast enough for video too.

BTW sub $200 ?? The Pi is sub $50 !!