Shortcut keeps crashing where can I get the crash log?

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There is no crash logging available within Shotcut itself, only a startup application log. You’ll have to turn to your operating system’s event handling application for that. If you could tell me your OS I could send you some information specifically for your system.

As for your crashing, read through some of the FAQ. There should be information depending on which OS you’re using.

Is there still no crash reporting feature? Shotcut reliably crashes when I drag a clip towards the end of a 29-second timeline, but I’m not sure how to go about uploading a reproducible project (settings, 4K drone files, proxy files etc.) I’ve read the FAQ, but it only talks about crashing on Windows. I’m running Shotcut version 21.03.21 on KDE Neon 5.21 (Ubuntu 20.04).

The crash reporting feature is this forum - thanks for all our volunteers!

In many cases there is a clue in the application log after the crash. To find the application log, choose: Settings > App Data Directory > Show from the menu.


  1. Open Shotcut
  2. Open your project
  3. Observe crash
  4. Open shotcut-log.txt from the App Data Directory
  5. Upload the log to this forum along with any other information you can provide

Whenever you have a problem with Shotcut, it is good the provide as much information as possible as well as screenshots.