Shortcut is free so what is this

Some people trying to make a quick buck, I guess.
I found many similar items on eBay and a few on Amazon.

If you are to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then you will understand that we are actually not so stopped to sell shotcut, someone can even sell shotcut just by mentioning the original author, and get 100% profit for selling.

I myself find CDs of shotcut physically on cyber cafe’s because shotcut was published on a newspaper a year ago in India, people thought to sell it to get high profits. There’s a limit to what Dan Dennedy can do, he can’t just stop other people impersonating him, he also has to practice his air rifles (saw his recent post on Instagram).

Anyway, forget that usb, because that’s not real or published by Dan Dennedy, it might contain virus or so.

When you open up Shotcut, then go to Help → About Shotcut.

On a similar note, but different, there is a ‘shotcut’ android app too. Made by a completely different company. Im guessing thats allowed?? I got all excited when I saw it, then disappointed when I realised it wans’t the RIGHT shotcut!

It is allowed, but they shouldn’t use the name, I don’t know this right properly, but I think imitation of copyrighted word can be illegal.

Is the “shotcut” word copyrighted or not, btw dan if you have copyrighted, pls consider to add the copyright symbol on shotcut. Like this “shotcut©”

This make it a lot more clear.

Shotcut is a trademark in the video editing space. This was already reported to Google as a trademark violation, but they are being difficult because I was using a gmail email address to submit my complaint instead of my company email. :rofl: I may try to follow up but also we are not an Android.

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I had reported com.cutvideoeditor.videoeditoroneclick and is now no longer available. And now I reported the one above to Google for trademark violation. It is not going to end. They will keep reappearing because you can just resubmit with a different app ID.

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