Short time line

I have 17 minutes of video on the time line.
i want to add alot more.
The timeline stops and i can’t add more video’s.
is there a timeline limit on shotcut??

No, you can add more. Click the + button the Timeline to add the clip that is in the Source player to the Timeline. If the clip you want is in the Playlist, double-click it to re-open it in the Source player.

i tried it .
no result.

I open a folder with, for example 10 short clips…
i say “add all to timeline”
then there are not shown behind the other already inserted clips.
this happens at 17 minutes

Sorry, I do not know why. It works for me and many others.

gonna try again.
thanx for your very quick response.

On the left side of the timeline is the lock symbol open or closed? It should be unlocked.

Also at times I’ve had to move the playhead away from the end to add more clips.