Short-Term Fixes for Missing Dark Theme, Will be FIXED in the Next Version!

Dark Theme doesn’t work on version 23.05.07. We all know so there is no need to report that bug. I know it sucks and feels like they turned on all the lights and opened all the doors in a movie theatre during a movie, when you’re editing.

Below is the official launch documentation.

Here is the launch documentation for why Dark Mode no longer works:

  • Settings > Theme is gone due to a bug or limitation in Qt 6 Quick Controls. The Shotcut dark or light theme now strictly follows the system settings. On Linux, that is hit-or-miss depending on the desktop environment and its version (and, sadly, not the AppImage). For many people this will not make a difference. For many others, it might make you want to switch your system to dark mode. I do not expect this situation to change in the near future (2023). Yeah, I am not real happy about it either, but it is what it is - which means all comments, forum posts, and bug reports about this will be ignored, hidden, or closed.

EDIT: Dan found a fix for the next version! Let’s crowd source and brainstorm fixes for the short term. I found a light software that allows you to easily toggle between dark and light mode in one click, called Easy Dark Mode. I set it to light mode when I’m working on most things, but I toggle it to dark mode only when I want to launch Shotcut. I’ve tested it for a day and it seems to work perfectly as shown below. You just need to relaunch Shotcut every time you toggle:

I will add that suggestion as my Windows solution, and I welcome other suggestions for your operating systems



  • On Mac OSX you just have to create a new user (for example Shotcut ) - @Namna


Let’s stop complaining and help each other work this out.


Sur Mac OSX il suffit de créer un nouvel utilisateur (par exemple Shotcut).
Pour cet utilisateur, régler ses préférences sur Mode sombre.
On bascule d’un utilisateur à un autre d’un simple clic dans la barre de menus.

On Mac OSX you just have to create a new user (for example Shotcut).
For this user, set its preferences to Dark Mode.
You can switch from one user to another with a simple click in the menu bar.

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Good suggestion!

The next version restores Settings > Theme. I found a way to make it work again.


Excellent! Thank you.

Until the next version is available, @bentacular’s solution for Windows works very well for me. What’s nice is that once Shotcut is launched with the dark theme, I can switch Windows theme back to light. Shotcut will stay dark as long as I don’t close/relaunch it.

That’s great news! Thank you for fixing!

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