Short Film - CHOICE


Here is a production we started summer '22. About a (my) addiction - I am through with it. Made with shotcut.

Happy new year to you.


some keywords about the technical stuff: My camera is a ZV1 from Sony, I shot most of the clips in slog2 and did some colorgrading. The last step was to apply a “bypass bleach” look. I did this putting a copy (desaturated) of the clip on a track ontop and set the blending mode of the track to “hard light”.

Please feel free for critique or questions.

Thank you for this lively and useful piece of software.

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Hello! I liked your video. Share a secret how you made the deformation animation at the edge of the frame at 0:15? It used to be possible to do this with the old version of fisheye, but the new version lacks keyframes.

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Hello. The version I used for that project is: 22.06.23 and it’s the “old” Lens Correction Filter with Keyframes.

edit: i looked it up, thanks for that hint. The new fisheye-filter doesn’t have keyframes. I didn’t know that.

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What is most offensive, there is a lenscorrection filter in the Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters\ (version 22.12) directory, but for some reason it is cut out in the program itself and I don’t know how to get it back, I used to make very interesting transitions thanks to it.
Thanks for the tip. I’ll wait, maybe the developers will either return the old filter, or make key frames for the new one.

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The Lens Correction filter was removed for a valid reason, see below:

If you really want to use it then you can edit the meta.qml file and replace the word “true” in line 26 by the word “false”. You will need to restart Shotcut.

    isHidden: false

But please do not report any problems with it as they will not be fixed.


This video does an excellent job visually depicting some very weighty emotions. If the bridge scene means what I thought it did, and this is the roller coaster of a life that you had been living, then I’m grateful you made it to the other side. Wishing a wonderful New Year to you!

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Thank you! Good to know how to switch the old filter on, just to have that choice. I’m happy how vivid the development of shotcut is, I use it almost 2 years now.

Hello Austin, yes, this roller coaster is now only straight and without loops :slight_smile: And I like it that way now. Thank you very much!

Great job. Well done!

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It’s definitely a nice film.

The sound quality was the standout to me.

As someone who is slightly ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ or whatever it’s properly called I once found out that there is no cure for being like this. All you can do is change what you obsess about.

So what I noticed is that there was a change from alchol addiction to Sony addiction. :slight_smile:

Definitely well filmed and well put together.

Thank you.

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Hello David. You nailed it! :slight_smile: And talking about it was one of the important steps to deeply change something.

Thank you Brian. I put some files together and post it on the audio-problems-thread.

Very good film on a difficult theme! Tthe result is ellaborate and I appreciated the global message. Once again very good job.

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