Short demo featuring the Overlay HTML filter / Webvfx framework

Here’s a short demo video featuring an animated video title I just created using Shotcut’s Overlay HTML filter and Elusien’s WebVfx framework. Showcasing what can be done with a bit of HTML/CSS knowledge. It’s not part of a real film - text and name is made up for the purposes of the demo.

It began as a “challenge” by @sauron in a thread a few weeks back (I tried to locate the thread but couldn’t find it).

As usual, thanks to @Elusien for his great framework which allows cool stuff to be achieved :smiley::+1:.



Nice one…BTW is that you on top of the rock? :grinning:


LOL - no, not me!! (No time for that, I’m always sat in front of a computer :grinning::grinning: )

Should have given credit for the stunning footage - it’s from here:

BTW, there are some truly beautiful aerial videos of Scotland on Youtube right now - Google “Scotland 4k drone” to see some.

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