Shiny or metallic text effect utilising HTML and Chroma-key techniques

Hi folks, as an experiment I made a HTML file using @elusien’s new HTML animation generator. When applied to a colour clip in SC I got this:

Then on V2 above it I opened an orange clip, applied a text:simple filter, chroma-keyed out the centre text, saved the file as an MP4 and got this:

Then re-imported this clip into a new SC project on V2, put a CANADA clip on V2, chroma-keyed out the orange, added anther text clip on V3 (“Land of Mountains”) and ended up with this:

Ta - DA, shiny or metallic text, quick and easy…
PS the HTML file gave light blue/white gradients, but the colours can be changed easily by editing the HTML file.

Here’s the HTML:
Shiny text JUST BLUE (1.4 KB)

@elusien’s HTML/CSS animation generator is here: