Shifting the view of a vr clip from left to center

Hi I have a vr clip where I have to turn my head left a lot to see the person.
How can I shift the scene more to the right hand (not rotate, just shift so I don’t get a stiff neck).
Is this possible in shotcut.
Thanks, Frank

Try the 360: Transform filter and play with the Yaw parameter

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Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll try this, but I cannot at the moment as our Internet is down and I write this with the hotspot connection from my mobile. But this is not strong enough to view it in the headset. But I’ll get back with you later once the Internet is back and let you know if it worked. Thanks for now Frank

:slight_smile: t worked!!! I only had to find out in which direction I had to pull the yawn parameter. Now I use -30 degrees and it’s perfectly that what I wanted.
So thanks again and have a nice day.
I’m always overwhelmed how mighty this tool is.:slight_smile: