Sharpen filter is not applied after work is exported

New in shotcut and I’m new in creating and editing videos, so I need help, please.
I’m trying to export a work with the sharpen filter on: in shotcut works just fine but when I export the file, the sharpen filter is not applied at all.
I used the 20.11.28 version and now I’m using the 21.05.18 version: both don’t apply sharpen filter after exported.
I do not know what to do :frowning:

How do you know it is not applied? Often compression used in export can soften the image.

The final result after exportation is completely different in comparison.
I did some other works in 20.11.28 and used to work fine and applied filter.

“Often compression used in export can soften the image.” I don’t get it :\

I just tested it, and it is working. To evaluate it, you need to export with sharpen and with it disabled using the same export settings. Then, compare frames from the same time in each exported video.

Compression in export intentionally removes detail; that is how audio and video compression typically works to achieve major levels of compression. That is what I meant by “soften.” If you want to see the difference, export using one of the lossless presets: it is compressed but not by discarding details. Compare not only the image differences but the file sizes: the lossless is much bigger.

What version do you recomend, Leader?

The current recommended version is 21.03.21

Thanks, Bryan!

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