Sharpen Filter Help

Hi everybody!!!
Long time user. Using latest version.

When I apply and adjust other filters I can see the changes being made in the video preview window.
Except for the sharpen filter.

I click the vid in the time line to highlight vid and the filter has the check mark so it is on.
No matter where I put the sliders.
No matter if the video is running or paused.
I don’t see any changes.

I’ve even exported with settings 100,100 (max settings?) with no visible change from original file.
Exported using h264 main profile.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Duane

It seems to work for me (Windows 10, Shotcut v23.07.29).

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thanks for the vid.
it is working
its just that the videos I was trying it on was so subtle I didnt see a change
other vids there is a big change
thank you for the help

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