Sharing My Original Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

Hi everyone,

I’ve created over 2000 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. It’s all original…all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed as detailed on my homepage:

I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and always appreciated!

All the best,



Very nice. I found a lot of music I like and I only listened to a fraction of the entire site.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

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You’re very welcome…I hope some of my tracks are helpful! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Eric_Matyas , I too had a brief listen to some of your songs and I am really impressed with their quality. Thank you so much for letting us know about these. Your site is bookmarked!! :+1:

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You’re very welcome! If anyone happens to use some of my tracks, feel free to share your projects…I love to see how creative people are using my music! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eric! I appreciate the offer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Creatives,

Well, I can’t believe August is almost over. Soon Fall will be here (my favorite time of the year.)

Anyhow, this week’s new free MP3 music tracks are:

On my new Rock page:


Please don’t forget about my higher-quality Ogg music tracks and packs. They sound great and are a cool way to support my efforts.

See you in September!

Hey Eric, thanks a bunch!! I can’t wait to listen to everything you’ve done! I’m always looking for original music for my videos that I post to YouTube. Take a peek at “Old Man Fat Bike” and if you have any suggestions or recommendations from your catalogue I’d love to hear which ones you’d recommend.
Take Care :blush:

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You’re very welcome! I had a quick look at a couple of your videos, and based on the kind of music you’re already using, I’d say try my contemporary-sounding tracks. You’ll find them on my Aerial/Drone pages and Events/Travel pages. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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Thanks for steering me in the right direction! I really appreciate very much Eric!!

You’re very welcome! You might want to check out some of my other genres as well (depending on the kind of setting in which you’re riding) like Quiet/Peaceful and Nature/Science. You might even try some of my Dark/Ominous tracks if you happen to be on “dangerous” trails. Happy hunting and please keep me updated! :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone,

I have a couple of cool new tracks for you:

On my Chiptunes 5 page:


And on my Sci-Fi 10 page:


No, I’m not obsessed with cyberpunk music….well…yeah I am…sort of…lol.

Anyhow, enjoy (and please consider donating to support my efforts if you can.)


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I love the music from the 100 BCEs, could you add them too… Lol :joy:.

I am more of a modern lover, and the cyberpunk sounds are perfect for me, I love those sounds (BG music?).

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Wow, I can’t believe we’re half way through September already. After a long summer, I’m really looking forward to some cooler weather.

So let’s see…

More progress with my new Rock page. We have:



And higher quality Ogg versions of my tracks are now available on my Funny 2 page.

As always, my music is 100% free to use with attribution.

Enjoy…stay safe…and please share my site! :slight_smile:

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Hi Eric, those are really high quality tracks! Thank you. :grinning:

Just one small point - it would be nice to have the direct links to your new pieces in your posts so I can easily click to hear them! Also a general link to your homepage so I don’t have to go up to the first post. (Or maybe I’m just lazy! LOL!)

Keep up with these - they are great! :+1:

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Oh my…lazy lazy LA-ZY! :wink: Seriously, though, this forum isn’t letting me post links for some reason…(maybe you can ask the mods?) On other forums, I post links to the pages that contain my new tracks each week, and since my newest tracks are the the tops of the pages, it’s very quick to get to them.

P.S. Thanks for he kind words…I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

LOL! :blush:

Hi @Eric_Matyas , have you tried the Hyperlink icon (top bar, fourth from left)?

But that’s so much trouble! (Who’s lazy now?) :wink:

Thanks, I’ll try it in my next post! :slight_smile:

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Greetings Fellow Creatives!

This week’s new free music tracks are on my brand new Jazz / Big Band page:


Both tracks are available as looping and non-looping.

This is going to be a fun page to build!

In the meantime, please don’t forget about my Ogg music packs and tracks. They’re a great way to support my efforts.

Enjoy and please stay healthy.

Happy End of September…Halloween will be here in no time!

So this week has been very hectic (and it’s not over yet) but I did manage to create a new free music track to add to my new Jazz / Big Band page:

BIG BAND MAN – When he’s not out fighting crime, he’s conducting a big band. Pretty cool…and classy, too!

This track, like my 2000+ other tracks, is 100% free to use with attribution.

Attribution information is here:

Please stay healthy and I’ll see you in October!

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