Sharing an mlt file

I think I’ve seen something about this before, but can’t find it now.

I’m working on a project with a friend some miles away. We both have all the source video, identically filed on identical portable drives. It would be nice if there were a way to email the small mlt file back and forth. As it is, I can’t even use a mlt created on one of my computers on the other without going through and identifying the addresses of all the source clips. The only part of the project not on the portable drive is the Shotcut program itself. We’re using W10.

Suggestions? Possibilities?


Might work if the paths are identical in every way,

What I’m discovering is that Shotcut uses absolute addresses. The only difference in the paths created to the source materials, depending on which machine I am using to edit, is the drive letter. If I used Disk Management to change the drive letter to the one that was used when I created the mlt file, then the mlt file works on both machines.

From now on, I will just need to be sure I always use the same drive letter.

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