Shake effect

How i can get this effect but in shotcut

Try Shake preset within Size, Position & Rotate filter


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nope :frowning:

That is the only shake preset available in Shotcut. The solution is to keyframe your own shake within the Size, Position & Rotate filter which mimics the specific shake that you uploaded. It may take some experimentation

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@Anter Here’s an example (not exactly the same as your example though) of what @PaulusMaximus means:

I used both Position/Size/Zoom keyframes and Rotation keyframes.

If you want, you can download and open my project and study it to come up with your own effect.
radial-shake-demo.mlt (7.3 KB)
My project is set to1920x1080 at a 30 fps frame rate.
The font I used is Bebas Neue


O Thanks ! <3

Can you explain me why my text is cropped ?

Did you change anything in the file I shared?

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How long did you do it ?

One possible reason is that you don’t use the same font as I am.
Try to reduce the font size.

About 2 seconds long

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No, i mean how long did you create this animation
10,20,30 min ?

The animation duration in the file I gave you is about 2 seconds. I didn’t need to make it longer. It was just an example to show you how to do it. You can make it as long as you want.