Severe Video Lag at 1080p 60 FPS

I am trying to edit a video together, and in what is supposed to be the intro of my video, with my powerful gaming PC which normally can run virtually anything perfectly, the video preview completely seems to just break down to a point it is almost like a slide show, with extremely poor progression between frames and an absolutely dreadful slowdown of the music.

My video settings are 1080p HD with 60 FPS, and at other settings this slow down varies in quality.

What is going on?

I have no filters on the audio file whatsoever, and no settings on the video files that would cause this. In addition, things were working perfectly fine before.

Before what? Did something change? Did you try to undo that?

Lag can be caused by a number of factors…

Some file formats are difficult to seek. Consider trying to convert the source files using “Convert to Edit Friendly…”

Have you tried changing the display method? (Settings->Display Method)?

If your files are interlaced, try changing Settings->Deinterlacer to “one field”.

Changing Settings->Interpolation to “nearest neighbor” can improve real-time response (at the cost of preview quality).

Changing Settings->Real Time (Frame Dropping) can help in some situations.

None of the player settings affect export quality, by the way. So feel free to experiment.

Well, I got the lag to go down by removing video filters, so I guess my filters I was using on the video clip was causing it? Though when things change to the third video clip in my video (the main intro), it still has a bit of lag in the audio/video before it goes to normal.

I have a video clip muted, with an audio track underneath and two images ontop of it.

Deinterlacer is already set to one field.

Changing the display method to automatic did not change the new problem I have.

Near Neighbor seemed to help at least a little, but I don’t know what made the filters make the video go like that.

same problem here but i have a worse pc than you but my video is 1 hour 48 minutes and filters and fast forward but it works in a older update heres to a link for the update i used for editing it

This update will fix my lag problems?

Sorry for taking so long with responding

it works a lot better

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