Severe Lag When Selecting Track?

First of all sorry if this is a very common question.
So I’ve been editing with shotcut for years now because of ease of use and lack of unnecessary complexity. It was slow on my laptop understandably but now I have a decent 32gb ram tower PC and it runs fine for the most part. However the one thing that slows things down the most is when I select any track to snip or add filters to.

  • Any time I click on a clip to edit, it takes three seconds or more to simply highlight / select it to edit every time. This has been a frustration for a long time and I would finally like to find out why.
  • Everything else runs fine including playing five video tracks and three audio at the same time however there is just this one issue which makes the work flow significantly slower.
  • What can I do to try to reduce these times and what is the most likely cause of the slow downs?
    Thank you for your time and any help is appreciated.

This problem bothered me too. I solved it this way: through the system registry, I forced the files (shotcut.exe, melt.exe, ffmpeg.exe) to have a high priority (they have a normal priority by default). This helped me, the responsiveness of the interface became better. There is an article on the Internet on how to assign automatic switching of the process priority to any other desired one.

I will see what I can do, thank you for the suggestion.

So it looks like this will not be the solution for me. I set it to realtime which means it should be the leader in processes. It still lags and doesn’t spike gpu, cpu or memory, just struggles and says not responding.

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