Setup max bitrate

There is any way to setup in Shortcut maximum bitrate of exported file ?
I need to save my project with maximum 8Mbps and with also maximal quality.
How do it ?

Export it ‘lossless’.

Many codecs can export in Average or Constant Bitrate mode (it’s a drop-down list on the Codec advanced export tab) where you can set the cap to 8Mbps. Using the Dual Pass checkbox can increase the quality within that 8Mbps. For the most part, the bitrate is your key parameter for determining quality. If you want “maximal quality”, the options are to increase the bitrate or use a more efficient codec to get the most out of that bitrate, like using H.265 instead of H.264. You didn’t specify which codec you’re exporting to, so it’s hard to make recommendations beyond that.

  1. Export > Advanced > Codec
  2. Rate control = Constrained VBR
  3. Bitrate = 8M
  4. do NOT enable Dual pass. That is incompatible with Constrained VBR. Use it only with Average Bitrate.

I meant to say Constant Bitrate, not Constrained Bitrate in my reply, sorry. I have edited it to reflect this.

I use h265 codec.
Quality here I can set to 100% crf=0 ?

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