Settings for YouTube Video

I want to download my finished video as MP4 to then upload to YouTube. I have done this before, but forgotten the settings. I’m fairly certain I used the H.264 High Profile. I cant remember what to choose for the video and codec tabs. When I download it it doesn’t play just comes up ‘invalid’. Can anyone please advise

What is your source file format?
For YouTube, in the Export window, choose the YouTube preset, then Export File.
Make sure you have the current version of Shotcut. Version 18.06.02 is the latest.
You can download it here.

  1. You can just select the YouTube preset.
  2. You have to wait for the progress bar to finish (2:10 in video below) once you export before you start uploading to YouTube.
  3. Before uploading to YouTube, try playing back the exported/rendered video on you computer. Does that work?

Whole export process:

thanks very much i will give this a go

mp4 files with some jpg photos to add at the end of the video. ill check the version thanks

I’m a bit different when it comes to 4k video. First I export the file to my computer using the Youtube codec in the left panel, check its .mp4 3840 x 2160, progressive, YADIF, Hyper/Lanczos, tick parallel processing. Codec panel libx264, constant bit rate, Bitrate 40M, buffer size default 224, GOP 25, b frames 2, codec threads 0 and tick duel pass. Audio panel, sample rate 48000 kbps, Codec aac, Rate control constant Bitrate and Birtate 512k. Then I play it to check everything is okay.
I upload to Youtube using the drag n drop on my channel page. 4K video does not appear instantly. It takes Youtube a while to process 4K before it becomes available. So don’t panic and give them a hour or so.
I hope this helps. Cheers

Sorry GOP should be 15 if your working with 25 fps and 25 for 30 fps.