Settings for best performance?


My computer: Xeon 2678v3 12c/24t turbo speed 3.3Ghz, 32GB, nVidia GTX 960 4GB,nvme 1TB.

I’m editing in Linux Mint Cinnamon, using the Shotcut tar package.

I’ve been reading the FAQ, and I’ve been running htop while editing and exporting, comparing hw encoding vs sw encoding (I supposed it depends on the video, but the last test was 8:11 in hw and 8:19 in sw mode). Shotcut seems to do well using the mulicore cpu, balancing core use.

I’m editing FHD videos, usually no more than 5 video tracks and 2 audio tracks, some filter like chroma and most of Size, Position and Rotate, keyframing, transitions…

My question is if is there some setting/s that I can adjust to get more performance when editing in Shotcut.

And at OS level too. I’m using Linux Mint but I feel comfortable with any Ubuntu, Debian or Arch derivative. Maybe a realtime kernel?

What is your goal for “more performance”? Are you having trouble with editing? Or do you want to see the CPU utilization be lower in htop?

Not a real problem, just choppy audio sometimes, or video when previewing (I have it set to 360 or 540, it depends).

But you know, everything counts. I know Shotcut is not using CUDA cores in my graphics card for decoding or applying filters, so maybe I can set higher priority for Shotcut, or as commented a realtime kernel…

Just wondering if it is possible…

Probably won’t help. Thread scheduling by the OS isn’t a primary bottleneck. The main bottleneck is operations that can’t or don’t take full advantage of the cores that are available. Fixing this requires a code change, not a kernel change.

Thank you. So let’s enjoy Shotcut as is, hoping it turns better and better, like it has been until now.

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