Setting white and black point


I’m trying to find a way to set the black and white point in a video. Normally I would do this using the histogram or the levels, but histogram is still on the roadmap and I couldn’t find a levels filter.

Is there any way in ShotCut to set the white and black point of a video with another filter?

Thanks a lot in advance,


There’s a white balance filter that will let you set a color temperature
There’s also a color grading filter under the video settings
You also have a hue/lightness/saturation filter


Thank you for your answer, but I don’t get how I any of these filters allows me to set the black or white point.


Regarding the black point, I’m not sure I’ve never actually set that although these will all adjust your visible colors.
Regarding the white point, specifically in photography color temperature and white balance are used interchangeably, I typically balance my camera to my lighting first so I don’t have to change it in the editor however(which is easy when I know my lights are 5500k I can just set my camera to that)


Thanks a lot for your answer. Maybe we’re talking about different things.

As black point I’m referring to a luminosity value of a pixel. If a pixel of the input video has a luminosity value equal or below the black point, it will be black in the output video.


We can add this using the frei0r.levels filter in the engine. It is simply a matter of getting around to it. Maybe I can soon, and I will move this thread to the Suggestions category.


That would be great, thanks a lot!