Setting first keyframe reset entryfileds values/parameter

Ubuntu 220.4 + shotcut 22.11.25 + qt 5.15.3

I’m very new in Shotcut, but find it very intuitive.
Unfortunately, one thing seems to me VERY strange.

Selecting a FILTER (eg dimension) , ad Setting the FIRST keyframe, reset all the parameters I have inserted before (zoom ,position, size…)

Whatever value I had inserted, setting the clock icon make them reset to random value…

Is there a way to set a first keyframe, without changing the current value of the filter ?


There is a bug in all filters using Size and Position in version 22.11.25
See here:

You should either go back to the previous version, or upgrade to v22.12 BETA
I’ve been using and testing the BETA version for about a week now and it works fine.

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