Set up an ecosystem to encourage users to contribute assets

The resources section on this website allows people to contribute filters, presets, masks, etc.

How about setting up a convention, where users get to vote their favorites each month, and the winning entries are included in the next release of Shotcut as user-contributed assets?

It’s a win-win-win proposition:

  • The contributors feel appreciated, and get motivated to contribute more
  • The users get new assets each month
    (good quality is assured because of the voting system)
  • The traffic to this website would get a boost because of frequent visitors
    (That would improve its SEO ratings, which would promote Shotcut even more!)

I don’t know if you have done the research or not, but it’s already there :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding filters or new features, they do get implemented if they are good enough. For example markers weren’t originally a part of shotcut, someone posted it on the Resources category, and it was implemented to shotcut.