Set transition effect duration

Hello friends;

I will use a special transition effect. The duration of the transition effect is 2s.

Now how can I do this automatically to the clips as seen in the picture?

that is, when I do it by pulling with the mouse, I have to perform operations on each of them. and sometimes it can take 2 seconds.

Is there a way to do this automatically?

Thank you to the helpful friend now.

Not really an automatic way…
Use another video track with a transparent or color clip, set that clip for 2 seconds.
Make sure Snapping is enabled, and your timeline shows it is activated.


I believe @MusicalBox had shown this method in the past, if not someone else has.


I don’t remember showing this method with a blank clip.
But a few weeks ago I showed something similar, using a range marker.



Yes I can use this method for time. But how can I copy the custom transition effect name to all of them?

The only way I see is to use the Slideshow feature.

First, all your clips need to be in the Playlist, in the right order.
Then you select all the clips
Then "Add selected to Slideshow
Set the parameters (clips length, transition duration and transition type) of the slideshow and click OK.

All your transitions will be the same length and will be the same type.

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Yes, maybe . on clips that don’t need editing.

But the edit has been made. we cut-added-filtered. let’s say the last transition effect… in this case the slide will be disabled

I think there must be another method for the custom transition name…

Well, I don’t know any other way to copy a transition type to all other transition on the track.

OK. Thank you. For your help.

@MusicalBox @Hudson555x

This is how I found the solution…

@Ertan … did you play back your results?

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Yes, I played. No problem is accuring @MusicalBox

That’s weird. I did exactly the same as you did, but it just repeats the transitions of the first two clips

I did not have any problems when I made the transition settings and copied and pasted. I did not export. but when i play it, no problem appeared for me.

Judging by the thumbnails in your project, it looks like you repeat the same clip 4 times.
Did you try your method using completely different clips too?

Yes. I also tried different clips. No problem.

  • I also tried on Shotcut original transitions. it is also positive. no problem.

The way you are doing it copies the original transition made with clips 1 and 2, and copies that original transition across your timeline. Copying a transition is not a creation of a transition of other clips. In your example, it shows you are also adding time to your total project. In creating a transition, like when you overlap two clips, on one track, it actually decreases the total time of a project.


In my example, I only applied a green color to the 1st clip.

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Yes, the time is increasing… as you said., it should have decreased…

then I guess it wasn’t a full transition., I’ll look at that again.

Thank you.

The only way to do this today is to use the Slideshow generator. In the next version, you can use a custom transition wipe in the slideshow generator if you copy it to a special folder (more info will be in release notes).



Je suis assez de l’avis de Ertan.

Utilisateur moyen, j’ai toujours des difficultés avec la gestion des transitions que je trouve peu pratique.

Ne serait-il pas possible de prévoir une option identique à celle que l’on trouve dans la fonction Diaporama à savoir définition de la durée par défaut des images, de la durée des transitions, ajout des transitoires éventuellement, etc…?

Grand merci aux développeurs pour ce logiciel de plus en plus performant.

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