Do the features I'm looking for exist?

Hello hello. I’ve been using ShotCut for my video editing, but I’m hitting some limitations in my workflow, and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m missing things (I’m pretty new to video editing) or if there’s features ShotCut is missing.

I have tried searching for these and found some discussion, but nothing that solves my issues. So maybe y’all can help me?

Issue 1 is locking/linking one clip to another. Essential I have a video track and an audio track. When a video clip looks at say an anthill, the audio clip should say “ooh anthill”. Even if I’m moving other clips around, cutting bits, adding transitions, etc. I always want that anthill point to stay sync’d. Is that possible?

Issue 2 is about transitions. On my timeline I might have 50+ “clips”. Each of those needs to transition to the next. Currently this means click-drag every individual clip (and try to get them to move about the same each time). I’m assuming I’m missing something here and there’s maybe a shortcut to do this?

Issue 3 is also about transitions, but more about customizing them. Is there a way to create your own transition, or add a specific sound to your transitions? Or even change what the default transition is (maybe for x video I want fades, but y video needs more cross-swipes for example)?

I’m finding other things, but those are my big sticking spots right now. Any help at all is greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

Hi @FatalS

About issue #2.

There is no hidden button that allows to create instant transitions.
But nonetheless, here’s a quick tip that can help you if you need all your transitions the be the same length.

  1. Create a range marker and make it as long as the desired transition length. In my example below, I made it 16 frames long.
  2. Enable Ripple
  3. Move the marker until the right leg snaps to the end of the first clip
  4. Grab the next clip and move it to the left until it snaps to the left leg of the marker.
  5. Move the marker to the next clip and repeat.


Needless to say, Snapping shotcut_pEIx16krsO also need to be enabled.

It’s not what you asked, but it will save you some time in the end.


Thank you. That’s a useful workaround. I’ll probably keep looking for some way to create automatic transitions though, as right now I feel like I’m using a lot of editing time with the click/drag for each clip.

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