Set the end points

Okay, I searched the forum and I know this is in the videos somewhere but how do you set the end points of a clip?

Hi, are you selecting the part of the clips in the source player? Use the i and the o keys to select the in and out.

Here is the keyboard shotcuts page for your reference:

Again, thanks a bunch Luis. Exactly what I was looking for.

I wish it were what I’m looking for. It may be, but I can’t get it to work.
If I type i, the video sets itself to the playhead’s current position, not the contents of the track selected. Does selection count for nothing?

I have three video tracks:
3 a colour track in pink as a pseudo marker layer (since Shotcut doesn’t have them)
2 a colour track in black as a short blanking overlay layer
1 the video track itself

With track 3 selected, I try to set the pink ‘marker’ In Point by pressing i. The video in track 1 moves to that point, not the pink ‘marker’!
I next want to move the end of the pink to two frames away from it, but that’s not looking likely.

Under the preview pane there’s In Point and Set Duration field, but they’re non-responsive.
Can anyone help me set a two-frame-long colour ‘marker’ in a separate video track?

It doesn’t. The in and out shortcuts apply to the current track, which will look yellow/gold instead of gray. There will only be one gold track. The up/down arrow keys can be used to quickly move the gold selector up and down the tracks.

Hmm, but the selection I’m referring to, Austin, is the turning a dirty light brown goldy colour of my top track 3 where I have a couple of colour inserts. So far I’ve selected a track by clicking in the left-hand edge panel where the V-numbers are, but I see what you mean by the up-arrows selecting too.

My thinking, with my experience of GUIs, is that I should be able to select a colour piece in that selected track and manage its properties, either in a Properties panel or with a right-click in the colour or on either of its edges, but there’s precious little info anywhere.

I’m just wanting to set a piece of colour in a selected track to two frames as suggested here somewhere as a substitute for markers.

So - selected track, playhead over the (Open Other, Color) colour patch in the timeline, that patch selected too as indicated by a fine red line around it, the preview/play? panel in full colour - but no apparent way of finely setting its start position and its length.

Hmm. My screen doesn’t look like this. Can you send a screenshot? I am unable to reproduce your results even with Ripple All turned on. I and O keys are working for me the way that you are wanting them to work, so I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. What version of Shotcut are you running?

Can we load images here in these forum pages?
Anyway, here’s a link elsewhere on

This is the recalcitrant section. 3,2 & 1 video tracks. a colour ‘patch’, a right-click on the edge of the selected pink element in the V3 timeline. No adjusters. I hope that’s enough.
I can move the pink block, drag edges (showing changing start/end times as I do), but the blank time indicators below the pink rectangle are inaccessible - as well as blank.

With the top video track selected, as shown, i and o just move the bottom Video-1 ends.

Shotcut version 20.11.28
Thanks for your interest.

Hello @Ardwych

If you’re after a 2 frame clip, you set the In and Out points in the Source Viewer.
If the first In point is at 00:00:00:00, you don’t need to it I to set the In Point.
Otherwise, I to set In point, left arrow once, O
Drag from source to timeline.

If the clip is already in the timeline, zoom in + to see finer movement.
In this example, I moved the playhead with Right Arrow 2x
Then grabbed the right edge of the clip and dragged it to the left. Observe the pop-up counter in blue while I’m dragging.
You can also S to Split, then select the remaining part you don’t want.
DEL Delete.

In my opinion, the simplest method:
1/ Select track V3
2/ Place the playhead where you want the beginning of the marker.
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.42.05
3/ Open a color clip. File > Open other > Color
4/ Click on the paste icon
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.42.55
The color clip is placed on V3 with its start exactly where you placed the playhead.
5/ Click on the “Backspace” button to bring the playhead to the beginning of the clip.
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.43.36
6/ Click twice on the right arrow of your keyboard. The playhead moves 2 frames to the right.
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.44.17
7/ Click on the “Split” button. The clip is cut in 2 parts, the back part is selected (framed in red)
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.44.41
8/ Click on the “-” button. The back part is removed, you still have your marker of 2 images.
Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 20.45.05

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