Set The Default Folder for Shotcut "Converted" files

I have looked and looked but can’t discover how to set the default folder for shotcut “converted” files. Shotcut wants to place them on the main C-drive which I intentionally keep very small. I need to put it on one of my large partition drives.

I have been on a similar hunt, for the profile and/or presets file used to set the video and codec, so that I can compare my own profile to the “official” one.

I am getting around the same problem using a semi-automated workflow…

This way you can both set the location and set your own codec parameters. (You can save your parameters using Custom “+” on the Export:Presets)

On Windows systems:

  • If you convert the files yourself in Shotcut a file dialogue opens and you have total control over which folder they go in;
  • If you click on “Proxy”, they go into the “proxies” folder of the “App Data” directory, e.g. C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\proxies

I suspect the only way to create them off your “C:” drive is to set the App Data directory to a folder on your other drive.


En complément de la réponse de @Elusien la définition de l’emplacement des proxies est réglable ici.

In addition to the answer of @Elusien the definition of the location of proxies is adjustable here.

So then, the question becomes:

Why is the location-setting of Proxy easily accessible, but the location-setting of Convert remains a mystery?

I don’t use Proxy much, but I should have known that. Thank you for pointing it out.

It uses the last-used “save” path. This is set in:

  • File > Save or Save As
  • File > Export Frame
  • Properties > Convert
  • Properties > Reverse
  • Properties > Extract Sub-clip
  • New Project > Start
  • Open a project that was previously created using New Project > Start

It is saved in the settings configuration.

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Thank you.

I knew I had found it once before, but for the past few days ~/.config/Meltytech/Shotcut.conf has eluded me.

I was looking everywhere except .config

The Site Map is your friend.

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Today I found the “hidden” files I had once before found, and then “lost” them.


There are the presets displayed in the Export:Presets window.

There I found, by example, the option I was searching for:
which I have now added to my Custom presets.

But I have yet to find where these options are cataloged.
I read the entire man ffmpeg today; options are there, but it seems to be a different list.

And I have yet to find the three preset files used by the three options given when one clicks the Convert button in Properties.

Nor the one used by Proxy.

Nor the Preset-file option that will check the Parallel Processing checkbox.

There is a lot not documented. There is MLT between Shotcut and FFmpeg. There are no presets for convert, reverse, proxy, and parallel processing.

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