Set length on transition by entering numbers

look for a solution to either of to both of these problems.

1)Is there a way to set specific the length of a transition? meaning if I want the transition to be EXACTLY 12 frames when I’m running 100 frames/sec ( such a minute amt it’s really HARD to drag correctly) Can I enter it by number?
2) Is difficult to set specific length on a transition being that ex: I’m working with 100 frames/sec and I want the transition to be exactly 19 frames. When I ZOOM in to make it exactly 19 frames, I find that the window of the timeline is not large enough to accommodate the area needed for me to SEE what I need to in order to make this specific length(since I’m SOOO zoomed in). So I ZOOM OUT to see the entire area, only to find that I drag a tiny bit and SHOTCUT, moves my cursor for a lot bigger like it jumps to really big increments (EX: instead of moving 19 frames I just moved 30 seconds instead) SHOT cut zooms so much forward or backwards I completely lose my place of where I need to edit. Then I have to stop and use the bottom scroll on the timeline to slowly scroll and FIND the spot I was working to PRIOR. ( really tedious!)

thx you so much!

I do it dozens of times in every one of my videos.

Set the playhead at one end of the transition; in the numbers beneath the Preview window, add or subtract that many frames.
The Playhead is now at the other end of the transition.

What is done next depends on what kind of transition.

If it is clip-dragged-over-clip, then with the magnet turned on, drag to the moved playhead.

(I am usually overlapping clips on different Tracks, so I use filters, but the methodology is essentially the same.)

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ahhhh! great solution TYSM!!:slight_smile::slight_smile:

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