Set Audio to Reverence - Align Auto to Reverence

Does Shotcut have this option:
Set Audio to Reverence - Align Auto to Reverence?

This is a very valuable option if you have edited the audio externally or if you are recording with multiple cameras and want to arrange both clips synchronously in the timeline.

So far as I know Shotcut itself does not itself have an automatic “Align to Reference”, but a few months ago a user tried to produce something similar that may help - see here:

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Thanks for the link - skimmed the content and my head is spinning. Unfortunately, I understand only very roughly what it was about.
Can you tell me if something like this is coming?

And if not, my suggestion would be to be able to increase the Track Hight. And one more: it would be very beneficial to be able to adjust the height of a track individually. Sometimes some tracks are completely unimportant, while others are very.
That would help a lot to synchronize two audios.

I don’t know I’m afraid - the guy who was developing this has been quiet for a couple of months now.

If you watch movies of films being shot you’ll see they use a “Clapper-board” this makes a loud sound that they use is post-processing editing to synchronise various audio and video tracks. Next time you shoot a movie with different cameras you could try this technique.

You can do this for all tracks (but not an individual one) using the following:

Ctrl+= = reset.
Ctrl++ = wider.
Ctrl+- = narrower.

Or right-click on the track (V1) or (A1) for the menu.

Or position the cursor on the clips area of the timeline and use
Shift + Mouse wheel.

By now, just for myself, I am using this code to generate an “aligned MLT file”. Then I insert this MLT file inside my Shotcut project. It works for me. It aligns the audio, and adjust some possible “drift”. :slight_smile:

Shotcut needs to decide on a user interface to adopt.

Thanks for the update.

Thank you. Yes, I know about the “Clapper-board”. I whistle or clap my hands.
But sometimes it is necessary that I put the audio again in the timeline. And then I have to shift by hand, by sight and by ear. I can do that. I’m asking about the alignment because that works so nicely with Kdenlive.
I know about changing the track height, also the different commands of Shotcut. But often that’s not enough. The resolution is still too coarse for great accuracy in audio.
And, what seems to me even more important, would be the adjustment of one track, independent of the others. With that, I could create much more clarity in the project. And the reason I ask for it is that pretty much all other video editors can do that. Even Kdenlive, which is very similar to Shotcut.

I have been thinking about this suggestion, and hope to work on it this year. If anyone has any multi-cam clips that I could use for testing, please PM me to share.

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What kind of mulit cam shoot do you want? Is it enough to shoot a subject with two of the same cameras?
I would make you some when I understood how they should be.

I would assume so. I think I just need multiple clips with audio that is similar enough to be aligned. So maybe if two cameras were recording the same subject talking or cars driving on a street.

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If the voice can be in German and you use the clips only for you, I can make you two clips soon.
Cars would not be so easy, but if it would be important to you, then I’ll do that too.
How long should the clips be? Are very different sounds important, or does it not matter?

I think the language does not matter. And I would not plan to share the clips.

Maybe this can be useful?

There’s a link for full resolution files and one for lower resolution.

I think I will manage to create videos today, tomorrow at the latest. How can I make them available to you? Dorpox? I will make some that you can share with others.

But before you start what will probably be a laborious task, I wonder if there isn’t a much easier way: If you could make the tracks in the timeline different heights, that would be a great benefit for other tasks at the same time. It would be nice if you could, for example, make the two audio tracks very high, and in order not to lose the overview, make the video track very small. Then you could achieve synchronization quite quickly and safely with manual shifting. And, in Vegas Pro, you can enlarge the audio waveform to the maximum, (without making the track bigger).
And, all these actions only make sense if you could then also group the synchronized clips, i.e. connect them so that they can only be moved together, and always remain synchronized.
What do you think about that?

Hello @brian,
here are three videos. I hope they are useful examples. If not, I’ll make new ones that are more suitable.

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Thanks for the link. I downloaded the files and they will be useful. All of the camera angles have the exact same audio feed. So the audio is a perfect match on all clips. Not a challenge for the correlation algorithm, but very useful nonetheless.

Fantastic! Thanks for making these. I can hear differences in the audio between the clips due to the cameras being in different positions. This is good for testing the algorithm. I have added them to my library and will use them for development.

Between the two sets, I think I have what I need to get started.

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