Separating Voice Commentary from Background Music?

I have very little experience with the audio side of Shotcut, as I only use the basic functions. However as my knowledge and ambition grows, so does my quest for being able to do more challenging things with this truly enjoyable software.
So, my question is…Does anyone know if it is possible to separate voice commentary from background music? or even is it at all possible?

Kind regards Paul

I suppose tha you mean that the voice-over and the music are recorded on the same clip.

If so, it is possible to remove the music, and leave only the voice.
For that you need to use the Invert audio filter. You also need an exact copy of the music piece used on the voiceover+music clip. This is important.


  • Add your clip to the timeline
  • Add an Audio track and put the music-only clip on that track.
  • Make sure the music on that track is perfectly synchronized with the music+voice clip.
  • Select the music+voice clip
  • Go to the filters panel and add a Invert filter.

If all goes well, you shouldn’t hear the music anymore.


That is great, Thank you. I wonder if I could get this to work on my noisy neighbour’s constantly barking dog that I end up listening to as I work :man_facepalming:

Kind regards Paul

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I guess barking is something else as you don’t have a reference file for this like for the music. It might be possible to suppress the barking to some extend but it may be difficult.

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