Separating audio/video & replacing audio

I’m trying to put together a video. In one section I have several pictures I’ve put together, and want to add the audio to explain the pictures. I’ve recorded a second video with my verbage. I want to only use the audio of the second video and put that with the pictures in my first video.
I created a second track, and did the ‘detach audio’. That created a separate audio channel. Great. But when I try to drag just the audio channel over, it takes the video and overrides the pictures. So how do I do this? (many thanks in advance)

Rightclick in the timeline and add “track operation->audio track” and then put the audio in the new audio track.

I’ve tried that (add track operation - audio track). I detached the audio. Then dragged the audio track to the new track. Then dragged it to the pictures-embedded video, and the video moved with it. Sigh!

Try this:

V1 - Pictures
A1 - Your video with voice audio

No need to detach the audio.

You can also do this to a video file on a Video Track
Click on the clip, then Properties, Video tab.


Got it to work. I created the first channel, audio+video. Put my videos there, had the pictures there. Created a second channel, audio only. Put the video+audio that I wanted for voice-over. This channel was below the one listed above. I then saved it in youtube format. It put the audio in the right spot with the video. It also added the audio+second-video at the end of the whole video, but I was able to re-open that file and delete that end part. But it worked out. I appreciate the ideas.

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