Sélection and filter's windows!

My question concerns the selection of sequences on the timeline. When I position myself with my mouse (I click) on my selection, I do have a balnc box surrounding my selection, but I can’t bring up the FILTER window. Or more precisely, a message appears in the FILTER window telling me to select a clip. I don’t have this problem when the whole clip is selected… Do you have a solution? THANK YOU

We can’t apply filters to a Group of clip at this moment.
On ne peut pas ajouter des filtres à un Groupe the clips en ce moment.

I probably didn’t make myself clear.
I don’t want to apply filters to a GROUP of clips but to a single clip that is part of a set of clips on the timeline.

Ah! In that case:
When a group is deselected, Alt+Click on one of the clips in the group to select only that clip. You’ll be able add filters to it.

It also allows to trim, move or extend that clip.

Sorry, this doesn’t work for me… :frowning:

It should

Make sure you press AND hold the Alt key when you click on one of the Group clip. A white borders will appears on that clip only.
Then go to the Filters panel and add filters

Yes, a white frame appears but the FILTER window keeps asking me to select a clip. It works if the clip is whole.
Thanks MusicalBox :slight_smile:

The white frame appears on the entire Group or just on the clip you clicked on?

Only on the selected clip. However, I still get the message “select a clip” in the Filters window. So I can’t access the filters.

Ungroup! Or maybe you need to select something else or select none before you can select one thing. Honestly, it is not really that difficult.

I fully understand your concerns, which I share. But all the same, I launch shotcut, open my project and click on the select element to add filters. And then it doesn’t work.