Selecting Multiple Clips Beyond Point

I know you can select multiple clips by holding down ctrl and clicking on the clips you want to select, but is there any way to select all clips beyond current point? I would like to move a bunch of clips down the timeline and don’t want to have to go clicking on every single clip.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Connor
Click on your first clip to select it, press & hold Shift on your keyboard and click on the last clip. Those two clips will be selected along with all the others in between.

Also useful, since version 22.06.23, you can use Ctrl+Alt+A to select all clips on the active track.

That is helpful, but I would like to select multiple tracks of clips and audio, Not just the current track.

Turn on the ripple options on the timeline toolbar


And select and drag only the left-most clip of the clips you want to move. That pushes the following clips on all tracks.

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