Selecting files from the playlist

is there a way to select all files from the play list for appending to the timeline or is there a feature i haven’t seen? if there isn’t one it would be a very handy feature. right now it seems i’m limited to double clicking one file at a time and pressing the a key to append to the timeline. being able to select all in the play list and press the a key, (or clicking the plus sign in the timeline), to append to the timeline would be a nifty time saver. not that i’m in some kind of hurry; just saying. thanks for your time.

Is this what you’re looking for?

actually no…i’m looking for a hold ctrl and pressing a kinda select all…highlighting one file in the playlist…holding ctrl, then pressing the a key…and having EVERY file in the playlist selected…then either pressing the a key again, or clicking the plus symbol on the timeline to have ALL of the files appended to the timeline simultaneously…or even left clicking and dragging and dropping into the timeline…that kinda select all. even a select all command in the edit menu would work.